Texas Holdem Low Pairs

When you play Texas Holdem you can use hundreds of strategies in order to make more money. You should use this simple statistic at the table and you will see how easy it could be to become the winner. One of the most fundamental concepts in the poker games is to choose which starting hands to play and which to fold. In this way you will have better chances to improve your hand to a winning card combination. I am sure that you know which are the best initial hands but let me ask you something – do you know how to play them?

In this article we will talk about the Texas Holdem Low Pairs and how to take most profit of them before the Flop. The most important thing here is to keep in your mind that these cards have the potential to become very strong when the dealer puts the board cards on the table. So, if you hold a pair of 4’s don’t fold your cards at the exact moment and think about the possibility to create a monster hand. I hope that this text will help you a lot.

In the beginning I want to clear out the term Texas Holdem low pair – anything below 6 is considered to be a low pair. In this way when we are talking about how to play particular hand there will not be any misunderstandings. When you are given a Texas Holdem low pairs preflop your main goal should be to view the Flop as cheaply as it is possible. This will help you to determine what are your chances to improve your hand in the later rounds of the game. So, pay attention to your opponents and their actions and decide whether it is worth to continue playing or not. If they wager a lot of money the best thing is to fold (unless you can afford to risk such amount of money). There is no sense to risk your chips with cards, which are worthless and have no chance to be improved.

If you want to play the Texas Holdem low pairs in the best way you need to consider your position. As a whole if you are sitting in the first half of the table, you should be very careful when you act. Remember that all players, who are supposed to wager after you can raise. In this way they will obligate you to put more money in the pot or fold your cards. If you are sitting in late position your chances to analyze the situation are better, which means that you will be able to decide how to act.

Strike a balance in the end of the first betting round – if there are only a few players, who have called from early position you can call without any problems. But the situation is different if there are a lot of players, who raise and re-raise or just one player, who has just make an enormous raise. In both cases folding is the best possible action.

Playing Texas Holdem low pairs before the flop can be very tricky because there are so many things which you have to consider before acting, but if you learn now to play them, you will certainly become more experienced player.

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