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Playing Texas Holdem for a Living

Texas Holdem is one of the most cherished games today and millions of players enjoy it every day. Some of them play for free, but a significant part of the gamblers prefer to wager real money. Some play just for fun, but others go to the casino because they are given the chance to win money. I can ask you this question – have you ever wanted to turn your poker passion into something more serious? Do you want to play Texas Holdem for living?

If you are familiar with the biographies of the poker professional players, you certainly know that a great part of them had dropped out the college or the University to play poker full time. Later, the only thing they do is to take part in different tournaments and win money. When I say Texas Holdem for living I don’t mean to leave your regular job, but to change your poker attitude. Don’t think of the game as a pleasant way to spend your time. Think of it as a way to receive money. Here are some advices, which will help you to make a lot of money only by playing Texas Holdem.

Above all, you need some skills and a great deal of discipline. As you know, you are not going to succeed if you don’t make enough efforts. Playing Texas Holdem for living can be the same as any other profession.

The first advice, which will allow you to play Texas Holdem for living is to chose your opponents very carefully. The best advice is to choose weak players, especially new ones and play against them. Due to their lack of experience you can overcome them very easily. But this can have a disadvantage – playing against new players, who are away from your game level can have a negative effect on it. My suggestion is to continue playing Texas Holdem with solid players from time to time – in this way you will always keep yourself ready for action.

Another option is to take part in many tournaments. Today there are different contests almost every day. If you possess the skills needed one day you will make your great achievement. But you should be very selective and patient because the success may not come fastly. Take for example the poker superstars – some of day have been playing poker for several years before become famous. There is no need to join the largest tournaments, because the buy-ins are also big. My advice is to start playing at small competitions and when you gain more confidence you can enter any of the major tournaments.

Each player, who wants to play Texas Holdem for living should be aware of the fact that a lot os hard working and constancy are required. Furthermore, you should read a lot and spend hours a day in practicing. If need to read a lot if you want to be able to overcome the serious competition. In the beginning it can be very difficult because you need to strive to show everyone what you can, but when you become a popular poker face you will be obligated to make even more efforts in order to prove that you are serious player, who deserve attention and respect.

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