Preparing for Tournament with Poker Mindset

Poker players who prove to be successful in cash games of No Limit Hold em Poker still have a tough time in being successful poker tournament players. The skills that you use for cash games are not not necessarily applicable when you join poker tournaments. A poker player must have a mind set fit for the tournament and also think of strategies to get to the final table and win. Continue reading “Preparing for Tournament with Poker Mindset”

No Limit Holdem

If you have watched any poker on television then you are familiar with no limit hold’em. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any other game. While no limit hold’em is the most popular version of the game for tournament play there are not a lot of people who play it outside of tournaments. This is largely because of the possibility of suffering large losses. Continue reading “No Limit Holdem”

Misplayed Hands and Hand Signals in Blackjack

There is a wide array of possibilities of how a round of blackjack will turn out. Those who play blackjack usually rely on their basic game strategy on how they will play their cards but there are hands which are often misplayed even by the experts. Here are some examples. Continue reading “Misplayed Hands and Hand Signals in Blackjack”

Blackjack Betting Systems

There are several betting systems floating around to help you maximize your profits from playing Blackjack. Here we look at the good the bad and the ugly. Lets start with the most well known; the Double-Up. It is actually known as the Martingale system. You start with a one unit bet ($1 if you are me or $1000000 if you are the Sultan of Brunei – you base your unit amount on your bankroll). If you win you make the same bet. If you lose you double the previous bet continuing to double until you win. When you win you start again with one unit. Continue reading “Blackjack Betting Systems”

Online Casino Games: Preview Before You Play

Any avid online casino gamer will tell you that one of the most disappointing experiences is downloading a game or signing up with a casino that simply doesn’t satisfy your needs. A perfect example would be choosing a game of blackjack where the dealer wins on ties. While some players will be fond of such a version because of the advantages, several others might want to steer clear of this variant for all the disadvantages it offers. Continue reading “Online Casino Games: Preview Before You Play”

Free Spins in Bonus Rounds

Free spins and bonus rounds have become common fixtures in today’s online casino slots games. The bonus round gives you a certain number of free spins and you receive payouts based on the combinations and results of your spin. However, your payouts also depend on the original spin that triggered the bonus round in the first place. Continue reading “Free Spins in Bonus Rounds”

Online Casino Gambling: What are Your Limits?

For some, the mere thrill of online gambling can be almost as exciting as winning a jackpot. Unfortunately for others, it can be a significant problem that results in addiction. In efforts to reduce this problem, many online casino operators are stepping up to help players implement gambling limits and protect themselves. Continue reading “Online Casino Gambling: What are Your Limits?”

Keno Rules and Strategies

Keno is one of the oldest casino games in the world and still among the most popular. From the early days in China to the local lotteries to online casinos throughout the web, this game has certainly come a long way. Though quite vague to some, Keno is relatively simple when you know what to expect. Continue reading “Keno Rules and Strategies”

Distractions at Land-Based Casino and Online Casinos

Both Land-based casino and online casino offers the same games and they have the same concept but the difference is casino online is easy to access and effortless while land-based casinos need to get out in your house just to play.

Based on the study more people gamble at online casinos than land-based casinos now but there are people like to play at land based because they think that it is more challenging to see their opponent while playing. Continue reading “Distractions at Land-Based Casino and Online Casinos”