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Playing poker for many people is a way to relax, entertain and make real money. You will find different variants of this card game and one of the most popular variation is Omaha. In this game the players receive four “hole” cards that only they can see and other five cards, called “community”, which everyone can see and use. Every Omaha player can make his hands with exactly two of his “hole” cards and three of the “community” cards. It means that you should use five cards to form your final hand. Check out more info at

If you want not just to enjoy, but make some money while playing this poker game at Party Poker, you should know some common Omaha tips.

One of the most important things in Omaha, just like in every poker game, is your position at the table. Playing from late position is a huge advantage – you have the possibility to see how your opponents play their hands and you can predict which hands are weaker than yours. In contrast to Texas Holdem or Seven Card Stud, in Omaha you receive more cards prior to the first round of betting, so you have a bigger chance to realize whether you hand will be the best or not. In Texas Holdem you receive two and in Seven Stud you receive three cards before the first betting round, while in Omaha you are dealt four cards.

When you play Omaha, don’t raise before the flop unless if you have Aces, Kings or other strong cards. Probably the perfect time for raising is when you are unraised, you are last to act and hold a strong hand. After the flop you should calculate carefully what is your chance for winning. If you know that you have the best hand, try to make your opponents put as much money as possible into the pot.

When you play Omaha at Party Poker you must take advantage of the weak players at your table. You should play aggressively against such players in order to win the game. If there are tight players in the game, you should be very careful about your play. It is difficult to bluff such players especially when they are sure in the strength of their hands, so if you hold poor hand bluffing tight players is not recommended.

Many players play a lot of hands in Omaha, which is absolutely wrong. You can play many hands in some other variants of poker, but remember that in Omaha you should play less hands if you want to be a successful player.

As in every variation of poker, in Omaha a very important part of the game is studying your opponents. When you don’t play in the hand, just watch them carefully. At the end of the game you will know everything about their play and if you meet them again, it will be easier for you to beat them. Sometimes bluffing will help you when you don’t have good hands, but don’t bluff very often.┬áThese tips could be very useful for you – read them carefully, follow them when you play.

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