Misplayed Hands and Hand Signals in Blackjack

There is a wide array of possibilities of how a round of blackjack will turn out. Those who play blackjack usually rely on their basic game strategy on how they will play their cards but there are hands which are often misplayed even by the experts. Here are some examples. Continue reading “Misplayed Hands and Hand Signals in Blackjack”

Blackjack Betting Systems

There are several betting systems floating around to help you maximize your profits from playing Blackjack. Here we look at the good the bad and the ugly. Lets start with the most well known; the Double-Up. It is actually known as the Martingale system. You start with a one unit bet ($1 if you are me or $1000000 if you are the Sultan of Brunei – you base your unit amount on your bankroll). If you win you make the same bet. If you lose you double the previous bet continuing to double until you win. When you win you start again with one unit. Continue reading “Blackjack Betting Systems”