Omaha Strategy

Omaha is a quite popular variant of poker, offered in many online poker rooms. Along with Texas Holdem, at Party Poker you can join the Omaha tables and participate in daily Omaha tournaments. Both Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo are available at Party Poker, so after learning the rules of the game you must pay attention to the game’s winning strategies. Omaha poker, just like Texas Holdem is a community card game and playing without a strategy you will never overcome your opponents. Reading this article you will learn some basic Omaha strategies and we hope they will help you when you play. Continue reading “Omaha Strategy”

Omaha Tips

Playing poker for many people is a way to relax, entertain and make real money. You will find different variants of this card game and one of the most popular variation is Omaha. In this game the players receive four “hole” cards that only they can see and other five cards, called “community”, which everyone can see and use. Every Omaha player can make his hands with exactly two of his “hole” cards and three of the “community” cards. It means that you should use five cards to form your final hand. Continue reading “Omaha Tips”

Omaha High Low Rules

One of the most popular way to relax and enjoy yourself is playing online poker. Nowadays most of us spend a lot of time in front of our personal computers, so playing the game of online poker becomes more and more widespread. One of the most ever-played poker game is Omaha. A subtype of Omaha poker is Omaha Hi/Lo and if you want to play this game, joining Party Poker will be a very good decision. In Omaha Hi/Lo, as in all Hi/Lo games, the pot is split between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand.  Continue reading “Omaha High Low Rules”

Omaha Poker Rules

Omaha is a very popular variant of poker and if you want to play it at Party Poker you must learn its rules first. Knowing how to play Omaha, you could participate in online poker tournaments – at Party Poker, Omaha tournaments are available almost every day. If you are a good Texas Holdem player, it will be very easy for you to learn the game of Omaha, because the rules of these two card games are similar. Many gamblers even say that Omaha poker is a variant of Texas Holdem.  Continue reading “Omaha Poker Rules”

Texas Holdem Tips and Tricks

This section is recommended for every Texas Holdem player. Here you will find useful poker Tips, which cannot be taken from anywhere else. Take advantage of this great opportunity and read our Tips and Texas Holdem glossary right now. And it will be better if you try to memorize some of these Texas Holdem Tips, because you never know if this is not the advice that will help you in the most tense situation to win big amount of money. Continue reading “Texas Holdem Tips and Tricks”

Online Texas Holdem vs Offline

Internet poker was a big surprise and even something frightful for a lot of people. The land-based casino poker rooms were really shocked when the internet gave birth to the first online poker rooms about several years ago. They were right to be scared in some way, because playing online appears to be much easier and people might prefer feeling more comfortable. In this article we will take a look at the comparison between Online Versus Offline Texas Holdem Poker. Continue reading “Online Texas Holdem vs Offline”

Playing Texas Holdem for a Living

Texas Holdem is one of the most cherished games today and millions of players enjoy it every day. Some of them play for free, but a significant part of the gamblers prefer to wager real money. Some play just for fun, but others go to the casino because they are given the chance to win money. I can ask you this question – have you ever wanted to turn your poker passion into something more serious? Do you want to play Texas Holdem for living? Continue reading “Playing Texas Holdem for a Living”

Texas Holdem Low Pairs

When you play Texas Holdem you can use hundreds of strategies in order to make more money. You should use this simple statistic at the table and you will see how easy it could be to become the winner. One of the most fundamental concepts in the poker games is to choose which starting hands to play and which to fold. In this way you will have better chances to improve your hand to a winning card combination. I am sure that you know which are the best initial hands but let me ask you something – do you know how to play them? Continue reading “Texas Holdem Low Pairs”

Reading Poker Opponents

Tells are affectations, body language and oral clues that you and your opponents at the poker table display during the course of the game. Good poker players are always closely observing their opponents, looking for tells or ‘getting a read’ on the types of hands they most likely play as well as their betting patterns. Continue reading “Reading Poker Opponents”

Slow Playing Texas Holdem

There are so many successful tactics that you can use in the course of the game that even the new player can become master for a very little time. If you take advantage of the strategy articles included at Now Texas Holdem I can assure you that you will improve your playing style and start winning more. I think that it is time to learn more about one of the most profitable strategies that you can apply – the Texas Holdem slow playing.  Continue reading “Slow Playing Texas Holdem”