Omaha Strategy

Omaha is a quite popular variant of poker, offered in many online poker rooms. Along with Texas Holdem, at Party Poker you can join the Omaha tables and participate in daily Omaha tournaments. Both Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo are available at Party Poker, so after learning the rules of the game you must pay attention to the game’s winning strategies. Omaha poker, just like Texas Holdem is a community card game and playing without a strategy you will never overcome your opponents. Reading this article you will learn some basic Omaha strategies and we hope they will help you when you play.

As Omaha poker is a community card game, it is not very difficult to foresee whether you hold the best hand. You must form a five-card hand, using two of four hole cards and three of five community cards, so if you hold a top pair in your private cards you have good chances to win the pot. But when you play Omaha Hi/Lo, where the pot is split between the highest and the lowest hand in the game, you can win half of the amount in the pot if you hold the worst hand. It means that when you play Omaha Hi/Lo you have a double chance to be in the money, but so are your opponents.

A big mistake many Omaha players make is playing to many starting hands. We advice you not to play so many starting hands especially when you are in early position and when you don’t have much information about your opponents’ hands. In Omaha poker, just like in Texas Holdem, playing from late position is a big advantage, because all players act before you and this gives you a useful information about how to play your hand.

When you play Omaha Hi/Lo good starting hands are these, which contain A-2 and A-3 and if you hold such hand it is very possible to become the winner. Of course it also depends on the community cards, dealt face-up on the board. When you are dealt middle cards, it is better to fold your hand, because you don’t have a good chance to form the highest nor the lowest hand.

Once you see the Flop, you must consider the number of your opponents still in the hand, you must know how to calculate your outs and odds and if you think the other players have better hands then yours, it is better to fold. Remember that when you play Omaha, you will fold very often on the Flop. If the three Flop cards improve your hand and you think you have a chance to win, it is good to raise. In this situation counting your outs and odds will certainly help you.

Without knowing how to calculate your outs and odds, don’t play Omaha for real money, because with confidence you will lose your money. But if you have already practiced the game and you are sure enough in your skills, take part in the Omaha tournaments and you can win serious amount of real money. Using appropriate strategies in Omaha you can win big, because Omaha is a complex poker game and many players don’t know how to play it.

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