M1 in White (Certified Pre-Owned)

from $2,199.00

Beat traffic in style with SomEV's flagship All-Electric Moped in Classic White. Built with a powerful yet quiet 2kW Bosch motor, a robust 26Ah swappable battery pack, and a whopping 34-mile range (upgradable to 68 miles), you can ride with confidence to go where the wind takes you. Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, or popping by that socially-distanced backyard hangout, SomEV’s Electric Moped has your back. The best part is that you can save money AND save the planet.

  • Certified pre-owned with very minor cosmetic defects.

  • In the “battery option” drop-down, click “buy [1]” or “buy [2]” batteries if you want to own both the battery and the vehicle. Select “lease battery” if you would like to buy the vehicle and lease the battery.

  • *For the battery lease, the price is $20/month for one battery pack or $36/month for two (not including any applicable taxes). Billing for the monthly battery lease will commence when the moped and batteries are delivered.

  • For more information on the two ways to purchase, click here.

  • Only for sale in Massachusetts.

battery option:

Two ways to own:


The Total Package

Own the vehicle AND the battery.

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The Battery Lease

Own the vehicle. Lease the battery.


Key Features:

  • 26Ah, 48V state-of-the-art lithium-ion swappable battery pack.

  • 25mph top-speed.

  • 34-miles with one battery. 68-miles with two batteries.

  • 2kWh powerful yet quiet Bosch motor.


Product Features:

  • Stop on a dime with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes

  • Integrated front and rear suspension gives you a smooth ride

  • Anti-theft alarm with automatic wheel lock system

  • LCD display with speedometer, odometer, and battery gauge

  • Retractable passenger footrests

  • Stylish and bright front LED headlight with high beams

  • Fully street ready with indicators, horn, and brake lights

  • Space for up to two 48V, 26Ah batteries that ate securely stored under the seat

  • Key with integrated arming remote

  • Dual kickstand

  • Sophisticated charger to get from zero to 100% in under 7-hours (note: fast charging is detrimental to batteries which is why we recommend slower charging).

  • Three drive mode settings

  • Thoughtfully designed coat rack, USB port, and seat storage

  • 1-year warranty


In the sate of Massachusetts, electric mopeds do not require a motorcycle license and can be used with a valid license or permit. Please refer to MassDOT’s website for more information.

Tech Specs:


  • Motor Power: 2050W

  • Motor Type: Bosch, brushless geared in-hub motor

  • Top Speed: 25mph


  • Battery: Up to (2) high capacity, swappable, state-of-the-art lithium-ion 26Ah, 48V battery packs

  • Charge time: <7hrs per battery

  • Range: 34 or 68 mile* (upgradable)

*Range may vary based on weight load, terrain, weather, and other factors.


  • Seat height: 28”

  • Maximum: 67” x 30” x 52”

  • Wheelbase: 51”

  • Tires: 15” x 3” (pneumatic)


  • Total weight of bike plus battery: 440 lbs  

Weight Carrying Capacity:

  • Maximum carrying capacity: 400 lbs total including a passenger


+ How much is it to lease the battery?

It is $20/month to lease one battery and $36/month to lease two batteries.

+ Do I need a license to ride an electric moped?

In the state of Massachusetts, you only require a learner's permit to ride an electric moped! That being said, we recommend having a driver's license or at the very least, making sure you know the rules of the road prior to riding. For e-moped test-rides with SomEV, we require that participants have a valid driver's license.

+ Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, you absolutely need to wear a DOT certified helmet. Don't know where to find those? Don't sweat it - we offer a range of stylist DOT certified helmets to purchase.

+ Can I ride on the highway?

Nope. Our electric mopeds are not highway legal. You'll want to stick to riding on local roads which is not as hard as you may think it is. Fun fact: one of our founders used to ride an electric moped from Somerville to Woburn in 35-minutes flat, everyday for two years! Check out our blog post with 5-tips for mastering your moped commute.

+ Can I ride in the bicycle lane?

In Massachusetts, yes, you're allowed to ride an electric moped in the bicycle lane.

+ I'm nervous about riding an electric moped. Do you have any tips?

That's totally understandable and we'd love to help! Book a test-ride with us and we'll walk you through all of the details, and you'll get a chance to safely test-ride an electric moped in a safe, off-street location until you feel comfortable to venture out on your own! In the meantime, check out an article on our blog titled "5 tips to commute with your e-moped"