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SomEV’s preimere electric bicycle is the e-bike you’ve been looking for. The classic commuter style frame is designed to accommodate any user and gives you a comfortable ride without breaking a sweat! The sleek yet powerful 350W @ 48V in-hub motor gives you power when you need it. The large 14.5Ah 48V lithium-ion swappable battery gives a noticeable power boost when compared to common 36V systems. This makes the SomEV e-bike an effortless and efficient daily commuting option.

  • Under “Select battery option”, click “buy [1] if you want to own both the battery and the bicycle. Select “lease battery” if you would like to buy the vehicle and lease the battery!

  • *For the battery lease, the price is $20/month per battery pack (not including any applicable taxes). Billing for the battery lease will commence when moped and batteries are delivered.

  • For more information on the two ways to purchase, click here.

  • Expected arrival date: September 15th, 2020.

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Two ways to own:


The Total Package

Own the vehicle AND the battery.

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Own the vehicle. Lease the battery.


Key Features:

  • 14.5Ah, 48V state-of-the-art lithium-ion swappable battery pack.

  • 25-mile range.

  • 350W in-hub brushless gear motor

Product Features:

  • Pannier Rack for carrying cargo, pannier bags or baby seats.

  • The removable battery is conveniently located behind the seat post. This allows for the bike to have a low center of gravity, giving added stability while allowing the battery to be easily removed.

  • Stop on a dime with the front and rear mechanical disk brakes.

  • Thumb throttle gives an intuitive riding experience

  • Kick stand

  • Integrated LED front headlight and rear brake light


Electric Moped - in the sate of Massachusetts mopeds do not require a motorcycle license and can be driven with a regular drivers licence. Mopeds are allowed on public roads

Tech Specs:


  • Motor Power: 350W in-hub brushless gear motor

  • Top speed: 20mph


  • Swappable, state-of-the-art Lithium-ion 14.5Ah 48V battery pack

  • Charge Time: <4 hours

  • Tried and tested 25-mile range*

*Range may vary based on weight load, terrain, weather, and other factors. A lot of e-bike companies make bold claims about their battery range. we’re a team of battery engineers who take our claims seriously so that you know what you’re buying).


Brakes     - Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes


  • Seat Height Range - 33” – 40”

  • Max Dimensions     - 73” x 45” x 27”

  • Wheelbase - 47”

  • Wheel Size - 26” x 1.75” 


  • Total weight of bike plus battery: 


+ How much is it to lease the battery?

It is $20/month to lease one battery and $36/month to lease two batteries.

+ Do I need a license to ride an electric bicycle?


+ Do I need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are not required by law but we highly recommend that you wear a helmet to ensure your safety.

+ Can I ride in the bicycle lane?

In Massachusetts, you are allowed to ride our electric bicycles in the bicycle lane since they have a maximum speed of 20mph.

+ I'm nervous about riding an electric bicycle. Do you have any tips?

That's totally understandable and we'd love to help! Book a test-ride with us and we'll walk you through all of the details. You'll also get a chance to test-ride an electric moped in a safe, off-street location until you feel comfortable to venture out on your own!